The History of Langkawi

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Langkawi consists of a group of 99 tropical islands along the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, about 30 km from Kuala Perlis and 51 km from Kuala Kedah. The main island is known as Pulau Langkawi. These islands have a legacy of fascinating myths and legends, including the story of a giant and an eagle, warrior and princess of the sky, war and love story. Myths are often associated with the legend of Langkawi Island is Mahsuri white-bled women.

Langkawi has been awarded ‘Geopark’ by UNESCO, for the beauty of its geological heritage, ranging from beautiful landscapes, built of limestone, caves, sea arches, a pile of hay, stone remains of glaciers and fossils. The geological history dating from 500 million years ago, these islands have unique rock formations that stir the imagination and confuse the mind.

Langkawi is the perfect place to relax the mind after a hard day's work for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Enjoy nature-based activities, or relax on the beach. There are also some interesting places for those who like to enjoy the scenery. Soft smile and hospitality will charm you. Come to Langkawi for a holiday like no other.



The Legend of Langkawi


Mahsuri was the daughter of Muslim immigrants Siam. Mahsuri was accused of incest by his own mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law envied the beauty and honor that belongs to the Mahsuri. As a result, Mahsuri was sentenced to death.

On the day of punishment, sacred dagger belongs to Mahsuri’s family used to kill her. However, there is a curious thing happened where the blood out of the Mahsuri’s body in white and prove that the accusations thrown at her is sheer slander.

At the moment the final hour of his death, Mahsuri has vowed that Langkawi will not be peaceful for seven generations. The truth Mahsuri oath was fulfilled when Langkawi was attacked by Siam, and all food supplies and crops have been destroyed.

The truth of the legend or curse have been proved when Langkawi just begun to thrive after seven generations are in difficulty.


Tasik Dayang Bunting

The lake is named Tasik Dayang Bunting according to an old legend, it tells the story of the marriage of a princess from the sky with a prince of the earth. Children born as a result of their marriage had died just after he was born. As the princess was very sad and disappointed by the incident, she has graced her deceased child into the lake water.

After that, he had to leave the earth and return to the heavens. Princess charmed lake water as a remedy for couples who cannot have child and believed that barren women can return to fertility.


Mat Chincang & Mat Raya

Mat Chinchang and Mat Raya is a giant among families who live on the main island of Langkawi. Due to their large size and incredible strength that belongs to them, the land of Langkawi has changed dramatically.

Their legends started when Matt Raya proposes to hold a feast in conjunction with the engagement of his daughter with Mat Chinchang’s son. On the day of the event, Mat Raya noticed that Mat Chinchang’s son committed an adultery with another virgin girl. This incident has sparked anger Mat Raya.

As a result, the friendship between the two families are broken, and they become mutual enemies, the occurrence of bloodshed and loss of life. The fight between the two families has changed the main island shape. The place where the engagement ring dropped after being thrown named Cape Ring (Tanjung Cincin).

Areas where equipment used for cooking was broken, named Kampung Belanga Pecah. The gravy that flows was named Pekan Kuah and the place where the gravy was absorbed into the soil is called Kisap and Air Hangat the well of warm water came from former cooking water had broken during the period.

Mat Raya and Mat Chinchang changed into a rock known as Gunung Raya and Gunung Chinchang. Mat Sawar, the one who mediating to resolve their disputes both of these have turned into a hill become a barrier to the two mountains.


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