Langkawi Municipal Council, the City of Tourism Functions


  • Increase measures in diversifying the source of earnings in reducing assessment tax suspension.

  • Enhance the skills and efficiency of the Council's service according to the public's needs

  • Enhance the beautification of areas and cleaning and health control

  • Boost the physical development in coordination with the state's planning policy according to the set priority

  • Increase the government land ownership within the Langkawi City area for commercial projects/property investment development

  • Review the rental rates for upgraded stalls apart from increasing operations for backlog store rentals

  • Increase and enhance cleanliness campaigns, ‘gotong-royong' courses among petty traders and the residence

  • Increase and enhance the Council's staff skills and efficiency through different courses, training and seminars

  • Maintain and improve the overall present public facilities such as public toilets, playground and etc. 


Last Updated: Thursday, 15 April 2021 - 12:01pm