The Parking Unit is responsible for operating and managing the parking space within the Municipal Council Langkawi Town Council.



Parking coupons are available from authorized agents appointed by MPLBP throughout the MPLBP area.
Every appointed agent will be provided with signboard as an introduction.

                 HOW TO USE A COUPON

Please scratch 5 parts for year, month, day, hour and minute, start time usage then display on "Dashboard";

If more than one coupon is exhibited for a period of time, then the time for the second coupon is calculated from the end of the first coupon time.
The mistake of scraping this coupon is considered null and compounded.


  1. Not displaying coupons issued by the Council or while placing motor vehicles in a coupon parking lot;
  2. Show off expired / invalid parking coupons;
  3. Exhibit parking coupons in a vehicle where the parking coupon can not be identified or seen by the Enforcement Assistant (Parking) during the inspection;
  4. Showcase parking coupons without proper marking;
  5. Place motor vehicles outside the parking lot in the parking lot;
  6. Prevents parking plots;
  7. Motor vehicles are not in the direction of traffic;
  8. Business in the parking lot;
  9. Placing a motor vehicle that prevents the fire hydrant;
  10. To place motor vehicles in sidewalks / walkways;
  11. Place motor vehicles in place other than those specified for the type of vehicle.


Last Updated: Thursday, 22 August 2019 - 3:32pm